Mastering Instagram DMs, How I Built a $60 Million Empire

Mastering Instagram DMs: How I Built a $60 Million Empire

Introduction: Instagram DMs

In today’s digital landscape, the potential to earn a substantial income online has never been more accessible. I’m Tanner Chidester, CEO of Elite CEOs, and I’ve harnessed the power of Instagram direct messages (DMs) to generate over $60 million in sales. In this blog post, I’ll take you through my comprehensive approach to achieving financial success through Instagram DMs.

“I’ve harnessed the power of Instagram direct messages (DMs) to generate over $60 million in sales.”

Step 1: Choose a Service-Based Industry

Selecting the right industry is crucial. I highly recommend starting in the service sector, where you can offer valuable services without the need to develop physical products upfront. This approach allows for faster revenue generation and minimizes the risks associated with product-based businesses.

Choose a Service-Based Industry
Choose a Service-Based Industry

Step 2: Define Your Niche

Within the service-based industry, there are three lucrative niches to consider: health, wealth, and relationships. These niches provide tangible benefits that resonate with a broad audience. When choosing your niche, pick one that aligns with your passions and expertise.

Step 3: Acquire Essential Skills

Even if you’re starting with limited skills, there are cost-effective ways to acquire knowledge. Platforms like offer a wide range of courses in areas such as Facebook advertising, graphic design, and copywriting. Mastering a skill becomes the cornerstone of your business.

” Platforms like offer a wide range of courses in areas such as Facebook advertising, graphic design, and copywriting.”

Step 4: Establish Your Pricing Strategy

To ensure you have ample time to generate and nurture leads, set your service prices at $1,500 or higher. Underpricing can lead to excessive time spent on low-value clients.

Establish Your Pricing Strategy
Establish Your Pricing Strategy

Step 5: Acquire Clients through Instagram DMs

Now, let’s delve into the core of my strategy—acquiring clients through Instagram DMs:

  1. Start with Your Followers: Begin by scrolling through your Instagram followers and identifying individuals who match your target audience. Initiate conversations with them through DMs.
  2. Engage with Likes and Comments: Actively engage with individuals who interact with your content. Explore the profiles of users who like and comment on your posts and initiate conversations with potential leads.
  3. Explore Relevant Hashtags: Search for popular hashtags related to your niche and message users who seem to require your services.
Acquire Clients through Instagram DMs
Acquire Clients through Instagram DMs

Step 6: Initiate the Conversation with Instagram DMs

When initiating a conversation with potential clients, start with a friendly message and engage in a genuine discussion about their needs and goals. Ask questions about their current situation and build a rapport.

Step 7: Transition to a Sales Pitch

Gradually shift the conversation towards your service by highlighting how it can address their needs and goals. Offer value by providing tips or advice relevant to their situation.

Step 8: Request a Call

Once rapport is established, request a 10-minute call to delve deeper into their goals. This approach ensures that potential clients have already displayed interest and commitment.

Request a Call
Request a Call

Step 9: The Sales Call

During the sales call, adhere to a structured framework. Clarify the purpose of the call, ask questions about their objectives and challenges, and present your program as a solution.

Step 10: Handling Objections

Anticipate objections related to pricing, spouse approval, or needing more time to decide. I’ll share effective strategies to address these objections and guide potential clients toward a positive decision.

 Instagram DMs: handling Objections
Instagram DMs: handling Objections

Step 11: Closing the Sale

After resolving objections, confidently present the price of your program and request their commitment. Ensure they understand that you are seeking their agreement to proceed.

Step 12: Accepting Payment

Utilize secure online payment processors like Wave or Stripe to facilitate payments from your clients. Personally, I prefer Wave due to its robust dispute resolution process.

Accepting Payment
Accepting Payment

Step 13: Creating the Program

With a secured client, proceed to develop your program or service over the next few days. This approach prevents you from investing time and resources into a program that may not sell.

Step 14: Delivering the Program

Program delivery can take various formats, such as PDFs, videos, or a dedicated portal like Elite 360. Offer ongoing coaching and support to help clients achieve their goals.

Instagram DMs Conclusion:

My journey from zero to $60 million in online sales demonstrates the immense potential of leveraging Instagram DMs to establish a thriving service-based business. By following these 14 steps, you can apply my proven strategies to your own entrepreneurial endeavors. With determination, skills, and the right mindset, you too can attain financial success in today’s digital landscape.

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