How to Get 10,000 Followers on Instagram

When I launched my first online business several years ago, I had no idea how to find clients.


It was stressful and frustrating. But after spending over $50K on coaches (and maxing out credit cards to pay for them), I learned that social media marketing is the way to go.


However, not all social media sites are the same, and the rules around marketing are different for each social media site.


For example, the best way to grow on Facebook is very different than on Instagram. 


Over the years, I have made a lot of money over the years through Facebook ads. However, in my business, the most profitable social media marketing platform is Instagram.


My success in business, and one that I teach my clients in my high ticket mastermind, uses a technique called Conversion Conversations


In short, it’s a personalized way to talk to people about your offer, and invite them to speak with you further (usually on a sales call).



Therefore, the social media platform that works best for me is Instagram.  There are actually a few different reasons for that, but mainly that people on IG check their messages often.


That makes it easy for me (and my team) to connect with future clients using their DMs.


But, before you can message someone, you need to know who they are. 


While you can reach out to people that don’t follow you, the MOST EFFECTIVE way to engage with someone on IG is AFTER they follow you.


How can you get a LOT of people, let’s say 10,000 people, to follow you on Instagram?


The method I use is called “Instagram Shoutouts”. It takes advantage of large accounts with big followings that are similar to the ideal clients for my business.


I pay accounts with large followings to post on my behalf.  The post has information about who I am, what I do, and a request to follow my IG account.


The key to turning the new followers into clients is the most important part. I message everyone who follows me (actually my team does this now) and we have a real, authentic conversation in DMs.


In the month of March 2021, I spent $8K on Shoutouts which led to $220K in sales.  Pretty good return, huh?


Here are the steps if you want to gain new followers on Instagram and convert those followers into clients for your business:


Step 1:

Find accounts that focus on topics that are related to your offer.  Look for topics that your ideal client (also called your avatar) are interested in learning about. Don’t look for accounts with the same offer that you have.


Step 2: 

Reach out to those accounts and negotiate a rate. Send those that you want to work with a photo, caption and your account name.


Step 3: 

When people see the post, you will gain new followers. Send everyone a message and use a messaging script to push them through your sales funnel. If you don’t know how to do that, you can learn how to do that in my online course, or join my high ticket mastermind.


Step 4:

Sell the new follower your offer on a sales call.  This is another skill that you may have to learn.


How much will it cost to get 10,000 followers?


It will vary, but on average it costs me $1 to gain a follower. So it may cost you around $10K to add 10,000 new followers to your account. 


This might seem like a lot of money, however, for a high ticket offer that sells at $3K and beyond, that is only a few clients (3-4). 

So out of 10,000 new followers, you only need to convert four of those people into buyers.


What is MOST important to remember with Shoutouts?

  1. Find good accounts that have the same avatar as your offer
  2. Message EVERYONE who becomes a follower
  3. Learn how to have conversations in the DMs that convert followers into sales calls
  4. Become good on the phone, and enroll those leads into clients

Instagram Shoutouts are the best way to add new followers to your Instagram account. 

The followers will be good leads for your business. Once you learn how to convert those leads into buyers, Shoutouts can create an amazing financial return for your online business.

Enroll in my online course to learn how to have conversations with people in messenger that convert into sales.