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Ryan Fischer: Transforming Fitness | Ep 010

Discover how Ryan leveraged his fitness passion into a thriving online business, navigating challenges with determination and creativity. This episode dives into his strategic move into high-ticket coaching, his insights on building a brand with minimal advertising, and his exploration into software development for scalability. Ryan’s story is a testament to adapting strategies in the evolving digital fitness landscape, offering valuable lessons on growth, branding, and the power of persistence.

Podcast To Empire: Sean Kelly's Strategy | Ep 009

Discover how his strategy of diverse guests, from bank robbers to business moguls, and his knack for networking, fuels his success. Learn about his foray into PPE, crypto, and now health insurance, showcasing his ability to leverage opportunities. Join us for insights into creating impactful content and building lucrative connections.

Nutrition Biz Revolution: Jason Phillips' Blueprint | Ep 008

Diving into personal growth, he emphasizes the shift from business coaching to focusing on impactful certifications and the transformative power of genuine service. His story highlights the essence of resilience, passion, and the profound influence of parenting and networking on personal and professional success.

Unlocking Infinite Potential: Steve Hardison's Secrets | Ep 007

Delve into the powerful lessons learned from a life-changing encounter with Steve Hardison, a coach to the elite. Discover how challenging personal beliefs and embracing positive affirmations can lead to profound changes in happiness, success, and relationships. This episode is a compelling testament to creating your own reality through conscious thought and action. Join us for an inspiring discussion that could reshape your approach to life and success.

Rapid Business Growth: Debunking Slow Myths | Ep 006

How Traveling Changed Me | Ep 005

He talks about what the biggest learning lessons were while traveling the globe and coming back to focusing all in on business.

Fueling Success: Harnessing Anger for Triumph | Ep 004

He emphasizes resilience, determination, and the power of embracing difficulties on the path to success. A motivational and insightful podcast.

Mastering The Sales Call | Ep 003

Sharing his extensive experience and insights, he discusses his successful approach to handling objections, which primarily includes price, spouse, time, and belief-related objections. Tanner emphasizes the importance of understanding the customer’s perspective, using unique selling points (three pillars) to differentiate your offering, and asking strategic questions to guide the conversation. This podcast provides valuable tips for anyone looking to improve their sales skills, making it a must-listen for sales enthusiasts and professionals.

My 70+ Million Dollar Morning Routine | Ep 002

Tanner emphasizes meditation for mental well-being and shares his gym routine. He concludes that physical and mental care are crucial for happiness and success.

The Beginning: My Life Story | Ep 001

My life story on where I came from, family, school, my first mentor and how I got into business.


Founder and CEO of Elite CEOs, Tanner Chidester has generated over 100+ million dollars in the online coaching world. After discovering powerful, repeatable strategies, (which he used to create his first million in a B2C model), Tanner’s success went on to disrupt the coaching industry forever. Upon request, Tanner began business coaching others on these same strategies, and paving the way for simplicity in a traditionally complex online arena. With his team by his side, Tanner is now on a mission to turn as many online coaches as possible into millionaires.


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I Teach Methods That Work

If you follow me online you know that I’ve built a 7-figure online fitness business, helping customers get healthy and lose weight. What you may not know is I then went on to build ANOTHER 7-figure business where I helped online trainers create high-ticket online businesses for themselves. I am one of the small handful of coaches in the industry that has done BOTH B2C and B2B.