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A simple Google search of “Tanner Chidester” and you’ll see some interesting photos 😳.  I get a lot of people who come to me and say, “But Tanner, of course you’re successful, look at you.”

But those people don’t know the full story.  The real story doesn’t begin with a thriving fitness and modeling career.  It started a lot different than that…

I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah in a family of 9 (yes, you read that correctly).

It was me, my four sisters and two brothers.

Tanner Chidester
Tanner Chidester Family

I was a shy and timid kid so naturally I was bullied quite a bit in our neighborhood.

Then, at age 12 I started to work on my fitness.  As I started to mature and workout more and more, I started to get a boost in my confidence and motivation.  This changed my life path forever.

In 2010, I enrolled in Brigham Young University (BYU), where I played Division 1 football while studying petroleum engineering.

In 2012, I transferred to Arizona Western after being injured at BYU.  Then, on the first day of practice I injured my labrum for the third time and eventually made the tough decision to hang up the cleats.

Then, in 2014, I was admitted into Texas A&M’s petroleum engineering program (2nd best in the country) but it wasn’t very long before I realized that wasn’t the path for me.


While at Texas A&M I was introduced to the world of personal training and at the same time online marketing.

After some serious thought, I made the decision to drop out of school and focus on my personal training and online marketing business 100%.

Fast forward 2 years later and I had made a whopping $2,000 online.  Yes, I was getting fit, doing a little modeling, doing some personal training, but what I really wanted was to create an online business.

I knew it could be done but I just couldn’t seem to crack the code.  That’s when I started investing in coaching programs.  I spent over $50,000 on coaches and internet marketing training and while I learned some great things, none of it worked for me.

Just to make ends meet I was working at Olive Garden and doing door-to-door sales on the side.

After struggling over and over, I decided to take what I had learned not to do, and try a new method, my own.

That’s when everything changed!  

Before I knew it, I had my first $10,000 week!  Since then I haven’t looked back!

tanner chidester struggling to success


Launched Fit Warrior LLC

Tanner Chidester Fit Warrior

This was the start of my online fitness coaching business where I helped my clients reach their fitness goals.



Hit 7-Figures For The First Time

Tanner Chidester First Clickfunnels Award

I took my online fitness coaching business from $0 to $1 million dollars in annual revenue in just 12 months.



Launched Fitness CEOS

Tanner Chidester Fitness CEOS

After numerous other fitness pros asked me for my tips and secrets, I decided to create a program teaching my fellow fitness professionals how to do exactly what I had done, create a 7-figure online fitness business.


Mid 2018

Fitness CEOS Does 7-figures

Tanner Chidester 4 Clickfunnels Awards

Just 6 months later we grew Fitness CEOS into a 7-figure coaching business helping hundreds of fitness professionals have success online.  See for yourself…

Mid 2018


Launched Elite CEOS

Tanner Chidester Elite CEOS

As my B2B coaching business started to take off I would get non-fitness businesses asking me to join my program.  That gave us the motivation to start Elite CEOS – open to any business that wanted to succeed online.


End of 2019

$10 Million In Annual Revenue

Tanner Chidester Cickfunnels X Award

In less than 3 years I managed to grow my business into a thriving company doing over $10 million dollars in annual revenue.

End of 2019


$25 Million In Revenue

Tanner Chidester CEO



Launched First Book

Infinite Income

Reached Amazon Best Seller in 1st week!