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Social Media Tips 2021

If you want to build a profitable online business in 2021, social media is the best way to grow.


You can create a marketing strategy that uses social media platforms to attract new clients into your sales funnel.


I work with a lot of new online business owners and understand that marketing can feel overwhelming.


This can happen if you feel like you need to be active on EVERY platform every day.


So, in this post I am going to outline 3 strategies that you can use in 2021 to grow your online business.


It is easier to follow a simple plan, and my goal is to help you succeed.

Tip #1: Sell in the DMs

Two of the top social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram – have messaging apps that you can use to connect with leads for your business.


As the online industry grows, particularly for high ticket coaching and consulting services, there is a move AWAY from automation.


People want to feel like they are speaking to an actual person, and not a robot that isn’t actually listening (can robots listen?).


When you use the direct messaging (dm) features of social media, you can connect directly with potential clients.


In messenger, you are able to have a genuine conversation about their needs. 


That is very important when selling a high ticket service. Buyers want to know, like and trust you.


They want to believe that the person they are buying from has their best interests at heart.


I teach this method in my own high ticket coaching program.


If you want to learn how to do this yourself, check out my online course


I call it Conversion Conversations because it’s a fantastic system for converting leads into paying clients.


Tip #2: Focus on Instagram

Of the 3 largest social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube and Instagram), I see the greatest financial returns on Instagram. 


I use a method called “Shoutouts” that attracts new followers. Using Shoutouts, I connect with followers through dms (see Tip #1) and convert into buyers.


In March of 2021, I spent $8K on Instagram shoutouts, and made $220K in sales. 


My team is really good at converting leads into buyers, so not everyone will get a return like that. But the potential is amazing for high ticket businesses.


I love Facebook for paid ads, however, I see the highest returns for my time and money from Instagram.

Tip #2: Use New Platforms to Funnel Leads

I have  been testing out newer platforms like TikTok, Pinterest and Clubhouse.


So far, the best use of those platforms in my business has been to drive followers from the newer platforms to my more established profiles on Instagram and Facebook. 


I don’t recommend trying to build separate sales funnels on every platform, especially newer platforms that have recently launched. 


It is too much work and not necessary.


But, it’s a smart move to build a following anywhere you can, and drive those leads to systems you have in place that are already working to convert leads into buyers.

2021 continues to be an amazing time to grow an online business, and using social media to grow your business is a smart strategy.  


Don’t try to master every social media platform at once, but instead follow my three simple tips to grow your online business in 2021